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About us

JahanShimi Company Production of food and petrochemical compounds

Jahan-chemistry Co. was founded in Tehran in 1991.

In the early years of the company’s establishment, supplying and supplying raw materials for food and pharmaceutical industries, water treatment and petrochemical industries and other industries, as well as equipment and supplies needed by universities and research institutes throughout the country.
Since the year 1380, Jahan Chem Co. has been developing its activities for the import of chemical raw materials from European countries such as Germany, Italy and France, and the United States and Canada, as well as Asian countries such as China and India. The seller has become a major importer of the most advanced quality chemicals.

Exports of chemicals to Germany, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan have also been limited by our company over the years.

Iranian chemicals are also sold in a limited way, such as zinc oxide and Copper sulfate And calcium hypochlorite or chlorine and so on in the company.

In the wake of the problems caused by new sanctions imposed by the President of the United States in 1397, World Chemistry Company has focused on importing its chemical raw materials to Asian countries such as China.
Currently, most of the world’s chemicals are imported from China, and after this country, imports from the country are Turkey is limited by the Jahan-chemistry company.

We hope that during these 24 years of operation, we will have a small share in the production of industries, and we will be honest in helping our beloved customers and our customers grow honestly.

The head of the work of the World Chemical Company


  • Provide the highest quality and most suitable raw material price

  • Send chemical materials as soon as possible to the whole country

  • Being honest with customers at all stages of sales
جهان شیمی

JahanShimi Company Background

Jahan-chemistry is trying to relieve import problems from European and American countries again to import chemicals from leading European and American manufacturers. Currently, partners from Turkey and the UAE are partners of this company. In the near future, from Germany , and Italy and France will have several partnerships with the World Chemical Company. In the past 26 years, Jahan Chemistry has been working to provide customers with the highest quality quality chemicals in the shortest possible time. The World Chemical Company is ready to cooperate with our loved ones around the country and other countries in joint ventures and the sale of industrial raw materials. Is in Iran. It is also ready to negotiate with favorable bilateral conditions for import and export jointly with respected investors.