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Cocoa seeds

Cocoa seeds

Cocoa seeds

Cocoa seed composition varies according to variety, origin and harvest season. The two most important varieties are Criallo and Forastero
The cocoa tree grows at a relatively low growth rate of about 25 feet. Trees behave in a favorable environment, and in other places it does not have such a growth.
The fruit or the Pod tree is 7 to 10 inches long and 3 to 4 inches thick. The thick and hard skin of the tree is a mixture of purple and yellow. Inside the fruit, there are five cavities in each of which there are five to twelve soft, pale pinkish grains. Each fruit has 20 to 50 fine grains or more, which are the cocoa beans that have economic value.

When the fruit ripe, it is carefully picked out from the tree and transferred to a suitable place for fermentation. The seeds have a high moisture content of about 60%, which should be reduced before loading.

Drying is carried out under the sun or in warehouses heated by electric current or oil.
Note: ::
Usually dried seeds have about 4% moisture content. The seeds are put in hemp bags to keep them from moistur and then load them. Grains with a moisture content of 8 to 10% may mold.
Choosing suitable seeds for chocolate production plays an important role in the quality of the final product. Seeds have to be:

1. Select proportional size.
2. There is no external taste and smell.
3. The amount of moisture is low.
4. The amount of shell is small, not more than 10 to 12%.
5. Fermented.
6. There is not much surface of violet layer, layered and mildew.
If the fermentation of grains is excessive, their color changes and becomes fragile at the time of roasting and results in an inappropriate taste.

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